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Smith Pumping Plant Foundation Replacement

In December of 2020, the Smith Pumping Plants' original wood and concrete sump foundation failed.  Large sinkholes developed where the foundation began to collapse.  The pumps were removed to be used later, but the foundation needed to be replaced.

May contain: soil, outdoors, shelter, building, and architecture

The area was isolated and the old foundation was removed.  In preparation for the new foundation the subgrade was removed to the baserock.

May contain: soil, rock, shelter, outdoors, building, architecture, person, nature, wilderness, and rubble

The new foundation was built entirely of concrete and engineered to maximize the efficiency of the current pumps and with a high sense of staff safety and the operational conditions of the area in mind. 

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May contain: rubble, soil, person, construction, shelter, outdoors, building, architecture, and gate
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May contain: outdoors, construction, nature, and soil

Pumping operations resumed in June of 2021

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