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About Us

Providing flood control, drainage and irrigation water to the Scappoose Drainage Improvement Company members since 1922
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The Scappoose Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC) is the local sponsor for the federally authorized and funded, Scappoose Flood Damage Reduction System.  The system originally constructed in 1922, is located east of the town of Scappoose, Oregon, along the west bank of the Multnomah Channel.  The system is currently designed to protect approximately 5700 acres of low elevation agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial land against a Willamette and Columbia River peak flood of 28.0’ (NGVD29), while also draining the protected lands for the purpose of greater agricultural, societal and economic benefit. The system consists of eleven miles of levees, nine pumping stations, four mechanical drainage structures and sixteen plus miles of canals and ditches.