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Evans Pump Station-#2 Pump and Motor Rebuild (pic heavy)

In 2019 the Evans Pump #2 experienced a small electrical fire within the motor.  Vibration testing conducted in 2020 showed alert levels in the motor originating from the pump.  In 2021 the SDIC board of directors decided to rebuild both the pump and motor.  Though motor rebuilds have been completed in the past, pump rebuilds to the Evans Pumps had not been completed since the United States Army Corp of Engineers retrofitted all four pumps following the 1996 flood. 

The first task was removing the pump and motor from the pump station.

May contain: construction crane, construction, person, hat, and clothing
May contain: construction crane, construction, person, shoe, footwear, clothing, and helmet

After the pump was removed from its sump and more thoroughly inspected, a serious problem was discovered.  The diffuser housing and propeller had developed significant cavitation damage.

May contain: wheel and machine
dirt on tread

The pump and motor was delivered to Electric Motor and Machine in Salem, OR for repairs.  After the motor was disassembled the cause of the electrical fire was discovered to have been in the stator coils.

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The motor was now not only needing to be rebuilt, it needed to be recoiled.

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May contain: coil, spiral, rotor, and machine
May contain: rotor, coil, spiral, machine, factory, building, architecture, and manufacturing
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Repairs to the pump were being completed at the same time.

The shaft bushings were replaced, and the shafts rebalanced. 

May contain: rotor, spiral, machine, and coil


The propeller cavitation damage was repaired and the propeller balanced. 

May contain: aluminium
May contain: aluminium


The cavitation damage to the diffuser housing was repaired using a titanium resin epoxy to fill the cavitation pitting.  

May contain: machine, rotor, spiral, and coil
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May contain: rotor, machine, spiral, and coil

After repairs were completed in January 2022, reinstalation of the pump and motor began.

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The suction umbrella was reattached and the final connections were completed.

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On February 16, 2022 the Evans Pump #2 re-entered pumping operations.