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Strategic Planning

In August, 2022, the Scappoose Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC) partnered with consultants from Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) to begin the process of completing a long-range strategic plan. This plan will help to guide the SDIC board in its future decision-making processes - including (but not limited to) management of its assets and infrastructure and prioritization of future repairs and upgrades. 

This long-range strategic planning process is expected to take several months to complete, and the SDIC board will hold special meetings and work sessions for this purpose, all of which will be noticed according to public meetings law. Also during this process, SDIC members, stakeholders, and the public will be welcome to provide input which is an important part of the process.


After much deliberation and public input, the SDIC board of directors during its April 11, 2023 monthly meeting adopted the following list of priorities as part of its long range strategic plan.  This list contains a description of the priority, a path forward to complete the priority, what a deliverable could look like, a timeframe for completion, and follow up timeline if needed.

SDIC-Strategic Planning Priorities Adopted 4-13-2023.pdf

As the SDIC works to complete these priorities over the next couple of years a key component of this will be feedback from members, stakeholders, and the public.  As feedback is welcome on all priorities, it would be helpful to focus on the ones in the near term.  The following list includes tasks the board is actively working to complete and is very interested in feedback:

-The list of completed and outstanding priorities is currently being updated-

Feedback will be accepted in any way, but it could be helpful to use the following form as a baseline and return to the SDIC by one of means below.

SDIC Strategic Planning Priority Comment Form.docx

Scan and Email to:

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Regular Mail:
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