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Strategic Planning

In August, 2022, the Scappoose Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC) partnered with consultants from Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) to begin the process of completing a long-range strategic plan. This plan will help to guide the SDIC board in its future decision-making processes - including (but not limited to) management of its assets and infrastructure and prioritization of future repairs and upgrades. 

This long-range strategic planning process is expected to take several months to complete, and the SDIC board will hold special meetings and work sessions for this purpose, all of which will be noticed according to public meetings law. Also during this process, SDIC members, stakeholders, and the public will be welcome to provide input which is an important part of the process.


On November 29, 2022, the SDIC board and staff held a public meeting work session with consultants from the SDAO.  The purpose of this meeting was to start the process of completing a long-range strategic plan and also to complete a S.W.O.T analysis.  As an initial step in this process, SDAO solicited anonymous feedback from the SDIC board of directors and several members and stakeholders who regularly attend our monthly meetings.  The SWOT analysis information was used to develop a draft set of priorities (in no particular order of importance).

·         Identify critical infrastructure improvement projects 

·         Develop collaborative relationships with local government entities  

·         Perform a conveyance system deficiency study 

·         Community involvement and outreach 

·         O&M Manual – management, oversight, updating 

·         Complete recommendations from SDAO Organizational Assessment 

·         Development of a long-term financial plan 

·         Evaluation of staffing needs, short- and long-term

·         Create succession plan for staff and Board 

·         Complete levee accreditation from FEMA 

Keep in mind that these priorities do not encompass all the goals of the SDIC; they reflect what was discussed during our SWOT analysis workshop.  Though the work session on Nov. 29th was a productive first step, this process is in no way complete.  One of the main components of this process is to solicit constructive input from all interested parties.  The SDIC board and general manager would like to hear from you regarding this list of priorities.  If you would like to provide input; please complete and return the following form by email, mail, or through the “Contact Us” page.

SDIC Strategic Planning Priority Comment Form.docx


Scappoose Drainage Improvement Company
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Once the Board has finalized this list of priority projects, feedback will again be solicited regarding the completion of priorities.

The draft documents from the November 29, 2022 work session can be found on the "Meetings" page on our website.